Strange Things are Happening issue 04

Strange Things 04 cover

Issue 4 from September/October 1988 was a great issue. Big old features on Man from UNCLE, Krautrock, Merrell Fankhauser (Wipe Out!) , John Fahey and Van Morrison and Them. No modern mag can match it, see it in all its glory here…Strange Things are Happening 04


Strange Things are Happening issue 03

Strange Things are Happening issue 03

Issue 3 of Strange Things are Happening was dated July 1987 and was another quality read, if not up to the standard of issue 1 and 2. Features include Barbarella, Little Feat, Bilko, Nirvana, Loop, International Records, Insect Trust, Tiny Tim, Bruce Lee, Autosalvage, Kathy Acker and Superman. That’s quite a mix, find the complete issue here…


Strange Things are Happening issue 02

Strange Things are Happening issue 02 cover

Issue 2 of Strange Things was another great issue, IMHO. Originally appearing in May 1988, this looked at music, books, tv and comics of the past and present. This issue features Stooges, Giant Sand, Richard Brautigan, Alan Moore, Wire, Man in the Suitcase, Creation Records, Shamen, Smoke, HP Lovecraft, Silver Surfer and Country rock in the 60s. Get it here…


Strange Things are Happening issue 1


Strange Things are Happening 01 cover

Issue 1 of the marvellous magazine was dated March 1988. If ever there was a music mag worth reading from cover to cover, this was it. The inaugral edition featured Kinks, James Taylor Quartet, Syd Barrett, Robyn Hitchcock, Psychic TV, Dukes of Stratosphear, features on Greenwich Village folk singers, West Coast punk recprds and a LA psychedelic bands 1985  family tree. Plus lots of reviews, including Thirteenth Floor Elevators re-issues. Wow, and here it is in its full glory…


Underground 15

Underground 15 cover

So here it is, the last edition (as far as I know) of Underground, the Sounds spinoff magazine from the late 80’s. Issue number 15 from June 1988, and then it was all over. It features, amongst others, Head, Wonderstuff, Adrian Sherwood, Jello Biafra, Loop, World Domination Enterprises, Underground faves Throwing Muses and a Kaleidoscope Sound discography. Here is the complete issue…


Underground 14

Underground 14 coverIssue no.14 of Underground magazine, the Sounds spin-off for all things indie in the late 80’s. This issue features Pixies, Steve Albini, Head of David, Sugarcubes, New Order, Meteors, Butthole Surfers, Lydia Lunch and Psyche, amongst others. You can view the entire issue here…

Underground 14

Underground 13

Underground 13 coverAnd so, issue 13 of Underground magazine, from April 1988. This features, amongst others, Darling Buds, Pete Murphy, Flatmates, Microdisney, House of Love, Alien Sex Fiend, Pere Ubu and Sugarcubes. Here it be…

Underground 13

Underground 08

Underground 08 cover

So, here is issue 8 of Undeground magazine, featuring all your favourite bands plus a few (I’d wager) that you have never heard of. There is Gun Club, Fall, Three Johns, Love and Rockets and a One Little Indian discography, in amongst the less well known. You can view it here…

Underground 01

Underground 01 cover

 The first issue proper of Underground magazine from April 1987, featuring Throwing Muses, Big Black, Jeremy Gluck, Crazyhead, Swans and discographies for Globestyle Records and Ausgang. And a whole lot more, of course. There was also a ‘History of the Independents’ supplement feturing an entertaining if fairly random canter through labels and releases from the indie sector. This includes a feature on Orange Juice and a 2 Tone discography. Find them both here…

Underground 01

Underground 01a

Underground 02

Underground 02 coverMay 1987 it was when this issue of Underground magazine appeared. Not sure you could exactly claim it was a classic. It does however feature Wire, The Trudy, Pulp, Bhundu Boys, Bambi Slam, Spear of Destiny, Batfish Boys and discographies for the Black Wax label and APB. And plenty of other stuff too, of course. So, here it is…

Underground 02